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French Manufacture

Besançon‘ workshop is dedicated to luxurious productions and special orders. It is the cradle of our manufactures, a mix between manual know how and high technology. We have a unique chance to be located in France, the cradle of luxury leather goods, as well as the border of Switzerland, on the watch lands of the Jura Mountains.

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Indian factory

"Why India? " Is a question often asked to us.
First it‘s the result of an encounter and a friendship between two leather enthusiasts. A connection built between two strong cultures, which are different but also very complementary.
We discovered an expertise in India, a precision for manual work and a desire to create the perfect products; which we have combined with French creativity, rigor, refinement and know-how. When these two cultures are linked together, magic happens. We reached excellence thanks to the synergies between both cultures.

Our Indian plant, with 600 employees, manufactures quality watchstraps. They are affordable to a great number of people, thanks to very competitive prices, which also satisfies the main watch groups.
We successfully pass the regular audits of our customers and are actively engaged in the fight against inequality and for education in the "Her Project" initiated by BSR.

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Hand made

Our leather watchstraps are unique pieces, manufactured by hand in our workshops. Our know how is at the crossroad of leather goods and watchmaking. Excellence comes from the alchemy between exceptional handcraft, precision high-tech equipment, creativity, endless search for aesthetic and comfort.

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Each month we produce 1000 watchstrap samples for our collections and for our customer‘s developments. The richness of the leather watchstrap is its infinite possibility of developments. The colors, shapes, finishes and the most extraordinary embellishments sublimate your designs.

We identify weak signals that become trends. We develop, we look for new materials and finishes, we create new shapes and tools, to give birth to the most elegant watchstraps, which will fuel your desire.

We draw our inspiration from numerous domains such as art, music, adventure, sport and transcribe them in our collections.

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Our expertise is not only the design and production. From the leather supply to the delivery of your watchstraps, many steps are required and must be carried out according to a specific schedule. As a manufacturer of watch components, we are aware that the realization of a watch is a symphony to be played perfectly by each supplier. This mastery is our strength to satisfy you.
Cites management has been simplified and is no longer a barrier to enjoy genuine alligator watchstraps made in France. Our production management is extremely rigorous for the traceability of the skins to be ensured.

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After sale service

We produce watchstraps individually or in limited series that we split and deliver to your numerous after-sale services worldwide.

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